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Mass Hysteria: Charous and Bruinous Live Stand-up Comedy

A jab of nervousness shot through me as I sat three rows away from the stage. I had just broken the cardinal rule of audience seating at a comedy show: if you don't want to be picked on, don't sit in the front.  

After the public announcement for bruinous to leave their "gonnies" (knives) outside the venue and charous to stop selling before the show started, I eased. A little teasing could not hurt that much anyway.

Hosted at the BAT Centre on Victoria Embankment on Saturday, the show featured Marvin Peters, Neville Pillay, Simmi Ariff, Carvin H Goldstone, Arnotte Payne, Grayson Ibrahim, Masood Boomgaard and Inspector Perumal.

The sold out show had the audience torn up in stitches. Tackling issues such as race, Jacob Zuma's out-of-wedlock baby and the cultural intricacies of the Indian and Coloured communities, the comedians succeeded in getting the audience to laugh at themselves.

The crowd mainly consisted of Charous and Bruinous, but there was a few "Morningside madams" and "Kgalema Monthlate and company" around.

My personal favourites were Simmi Ariff (especially his "nice boobies" chirp to a late coming female audience member), the headline act Carvin H Goldstone (probably one of the best comedic acts in South Africa) and the identity-confused Arnotte Payne.

A lot of publicity for the show was created by movie star turned facebook sensation turned comedian, Inspector Perumal. Performing his first live show, he delivered an excellent performance that heavily relied on crude sexual humour. His "jug genie" quip still brings a smile to my face.

Every comedian touched on the unique Charou accent. By the time the third comedian tried to mimic it, I so was over it. You can only absorb so much of the same subject before it becomes tedious.

Another thumbs down was the venue. The dilapidated state of the BAT Hall clearly indicates it had passed its heyday.

Given the success of the show, I have a sneaky suspicion that this is not the last of the Charous and Bruinous Live Stand-up Comedy show and possibly, I dare to say a national tour on the horizon. Watch this space!



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