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The Advent of the Social Hall

It can sometimes be quite tricky finding somewhere to go out in Durban if you're not an avid collector of Now, that's what I call Music...or Bump compilations.

Fortunately a handful of people in the musical know decided to offer a solution in the form of Unit 11.  Not quite a night club, not quite a bar, they refer to it as a social hall.

It's the perfect venue for those who like their music firmly off the mainstream path. Resident and guest DJs are on hand to dish out a tasty mix of indie, alternative, electro, dubstep and the like.  And once a month, a UDJ event is held, allowing wannabes to spin a few tunes of their own. For those who like their music live, the venue also plays host to hot and soon-to-be hot local bands most weekends.

With a laidback atmosphere, patrons are as likely to be found razzling on the dance floor, playing a quick game of ping-pong or foosball, or propping up the well stocked bar. You can play the sophisticate and sip on a luxury coffee, or treat your inner child to a bag of piping hot popcorn, while indulging in a board game or two, or simply listening to the fabulous songs being played by the DJ.

If you're looking for the perfect place to let you hair down and have a great evening out among people who love good music, Unit 11 is the place for you.  It's the kind of place you end up staying longer than you meant to because, as they say in the cliché, time flies when you're having fun.

You can find Unit 11 off Stamford Hill Road, where there is plenty of street parking.

For more information at www.Unit11.co.za



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