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The Hottest Food Market in Town

It seemed like all the hip kids in Durban converged on the Colombo Fine Beverage Company in Gale Street last night for the monthly Whole Food Market.

My initial impression was one of chaos. The place was packed to the rafters, with people spilling out into the outdoor food court in their droves.  Those inside were jostling to get at the food and crafts while they sweated off their cool factor in the un-airconditioned warehouse.

On hand were a number of stalls offering tempting treats such as cheeses, pesto, quiche and homemade beer, as well as unusual jewellery and décor.  We finally managed to wend our way to the bar, and armed with glasses of wine to fortify us, we entered the fray. Boy oh boy.  Most of the stalls were thronged by crowds of people, and it was quite tricky getting anywhere near the food. Our initial plan had been to buy dinner there, but we quickly abandoned this thought. Instead we sampled what we could get near to - a delicious pesto range, some glorious biscotti, and a decadent selection of flavoured goats' cheeses - downed our wine, and bailed into the night.  

Mind you, this blitzkrieg took over an hour to accomplish, due to the sheer volume of people inside. Once outside, we found the outdoor food stalls slightly less congested, and took a moment to inspect their wares.  A selection of fresh oysters, boutique wines and gorgeous cakes were just a few of the offerings.  I succumbed to the siren call of the largest piece of lemon meringue pie I've ever seen, but since the stall owner had no utensils to offer with it, decided to transport my precious cargo home with me and enjoy it away from the madding crowd.

Information can be found at http://colombofinebeverageco.blogspot.com/



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