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It's Not a Sin to Love Chocolate.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I consider myself to be the high priestess of the Chocolatarian movement.  There's not a whole lot that chocolate can't cure, as far as I'm concerned.  So the Cacao Chocolate Bar in Gateway (Shop F62/36) is made with me in mind.

"It's not a sin to love chocolate!" is their tag line, and their menu is a testament to this: crepes, waffles, fondues and drinks galore, all oozing with chocolatey goodness. There is a small savoury selection, which I contemplated for approximately 27 seconds, given that it was dinner time when I popped in to Cacao, but it would be wrong to eat quiche in a chocolate bar.  Just wrong. 

The décor is minimalist, with rich tones carrying on the cacao theme.  Sadly, service was rather minimalist too, and although I was seated promptly, it took about 15 minutes for a waitress to abandon her chattering colleagues and come and take my order.  She was quite apologetic though, and the promise of chocolate filled crepes made it hard to stay mad for long.  

Truthfully, the crepes were more "drenched in chocolate sauce" than "filled with dark chocolate" as advertised, but hey, chocolate is chocolate and the sauce was delicious.  In a fit of chocolate madness I teamed this with a frozen chocolate drink and am fairly sure I was hovering on the brink of a diabetic coma by the end of it.  Good times. 

The restaurant does not seem to do a roaring trade, so a lone woman taking photos of her food drew a few curious glances.  Some sacrifices are worth making for chocolate.

You can find more information a http://www.cacao.co.za/ (prices are not up to date)



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