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Durban City Bytes : City Bytes / Bars

Sundowners at Sea

Clinging to the end of the pier opposite the Moyo uShaka restaurant is the Moyo Pier Bar.

Offering lighter fare than the actual restaurant, and with a heavy emphasis on liquid refreshments, this is the perfect spot to sip on a sundowner.  Best appreciated while there is still some daylight around, the view is magnificent, with the beauty of the Indian Ocean and Durban's skyline on all sides. 

Perched on my barstool at the end of the pier, I actually had a moment when I needed my sea legs - the rolling waves and endless seascape made for the sensation of being on an exotic luxury yacht.  Service is excellent, with helpful waiters ensuring that your drink never dries up and snacks are available to order should a little stomach lining be required.

Prices are heavily geared towards a touristy market, with a daiquiri weighing in at a hefty R54. However, when we received those daiquiris, they were fearsomely large, absolutely moreish, and well worth the price. The light meal menu was also a tad on the pricey side, with four potato and pea samoosas at R39 being perhaps the most reasonable option. And a very tasty option indeed. 

Ultimately, we had to abandon our edge-of-the-pier spots, as the wind kicked up to gale force, but the inside area is equally welcoming and the sea can still be seen through walls of huge windows, while luxuriating in an array of quirky chairs.  This is definitely a venue that is as much about the atmosphere and view as it is about the food and drink on offer, and is one that is a must-visit for locals and visitors alike.

Find out more at www.moyo.co.za



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