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Festive Fun at Salute

Instead of lunching, the ladies decided to dine, and pay a visit to Salute for their discounted ladies' night. These are run every Tuesday night, but occasionally they host a themed event and as luck would have it, we just happened to book for December's 'Sexy Santa' themed dinner. 

We arrived at the cosy restaurant to discover some rather skittish waiters, for every round of shooters ordered by one of their tables, they had to remove an item of clothing until they were serving in their boxers.  It was quite entertaining to witness the different strategies they employed to hide their bits while waiting on tables: one held a carefully positioned napkin at all times, while our waiter placed himself behind a chair whenever he arrived at the table.  Bless.  And we didn't even order any shooters.  

The girls behind us more than made up for us though! The menu had a huge range of tempting looking mains, from risotto to pasta to chicken and steaks. Other girls at the table ordered the sweet chilli chicken, the chicken and sage risotto and the open beef Wellington, which were reportedly all delicious.  My ladies' fillet with mushroom and brandy sauce, vegetables and roast potatoes was divine. The desserts were equally successful, with the biggest hits being the peppermint-caramel semifreddo, an unusual twist on the classic South African fridge tart, and the white chocolate crème brulee.  The crème brulee was absolutely moreish, although the burnt sugar crust was more of a toffee consistency, and we had to eat around it to avoid a permanent case of lockjaw.  It tasted so good though, that it was almost worth losing a few teeth.  Service was excellent, and I would certainly recommend a visit to Salute, for any occasion.

Salute can be found in the Blue Heights Shopping Centre, 31 Westville Road, and contacted on 031 2661105



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