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I Heart Shopping

I never used to be the kind of girl who liked to shop, until I lived in Ireland and discovered there wasn't much else to do (except drink). Even now, malls bore me to tears and I only go shopping if I know exactly what I want.  But the I Heart Market is the antithesis of malls.  Held on the first Saturday of every month, it plays home to a range of Durban designers who seem to know exactly how to get me to part with my cash. 

I never used to be the kind of girl to spend money on earrings either, until I Heart Market came along.  Now I buy them compulsively because the designers at the market just make the most gorgeous things - resistance is futile.  December saw the market open for three consecutive Saturdays instead of the usual one, so that people could get their festive shopping on.  I popped down on the last of the three Saturdays and made the rookie mistake of drawing a fairly large sum of money before heading in.  It's all gone now.  

Even at 9am on a rainy Saturday morning, the market was abuzz with people oohing and aahing over the various items on sale - gorgeous ceramic jewellery, handmade home décor, scrummy food and funky clothes to name but a few.  I was supposed to be buying birthday and Christmas presents. And I did. I just also happened to buy an equal number of things for myself too.  Whoops.  The lure of the market is strong and window shopping is impossible! After two rounds of the tables set up inside a marquee under the trees outside the DLI Hall, I slunk back to my car with a bag full of lovely goodies and a decidedly empty wallet.

You can find out more at http://www.iheartmarket.blogspot.com
My loot was purchased from the following people:
Deirde Curren of Greenhouse Design - dcurren@iafrica.com - painted wooden heart
Sibling Mine - http://siblingmine.blogspot.com/ - mince pies
Sophia Basckin Design - http://www.sophiabasckin.wordpress.com - floral fabric earrings and ring
Genevieve Motley - www.genevievemotley.com - Perspex owl ring
Little Mud Hut Designs - www.littlemudhutdesigns.blogspot.com - gift tags
Pregnancy Resource Centre - www.pregnancycent.co.za - green beaded heart
Token - www.tokenceramics.blogspot.com - ceramic heart earrings
Nanna Manna - chocolate crunchies



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