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Have your Cake and Eat It at the Oyster Box Hotel

The dizzying array of yumminess on offer at the Oyster Box's High Teas will put any sweet-toothed fanatic into a frenzy of bliss.

Frankly, I've never understood the saying "You just want to have your cake and eat it too."  Well, obviously.  Why would you have cake and NOT eat it?  Unless you were some kind of masochist or maybe it was that weird buttery-creamy cake that comes from cheap supermarket bakeries.  Blegh.  Obviously I have a little bit of a sweet tooth so the more cake the better I say.  My ten year old niece is a woman after my own heart so I decided to take her to High Tea at the Oyster Box for a real treat. And what a treat it was.

Everything about the Oyster Box Hotel is lovely, from the colonial opulence of the décor, to the friendly and attentive staff, to the dizzying array of yumminess on offer.  There's a bite-sized something for everyone.  Tempting tidbits include sushi, samoosas, wraps and a cheese selection on the savoury side of things, and a plethora of cakes, meringues, éclairs and puddings on the sweet side.  Everything was absolutely delicious and the niece was inordinately proud of the fact that she managed to work her way through seven plates of food.  They may have miscalculated when they charged half price for kids under 12. Personally I always say I will try a little of everything on offer but it is truly physically impossible, which just makes repeat visits necessary.

The combination of luxurious surroundings and decadent treats really created a memorable afternoon, and one that was thoroughly enjoyed. High Tea is served at the Oyster Box Hotel every day from 14:30 to 17:00 and is R145 per person. This includes tea, coffee, fruit juice and all the delightful morsels you can handle. Highly recommended and definitely on my list of favourite things to do in Durban.

Find out more at www.oysterboxhotel.com



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