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Durban City Bytes : City Bytes / Restaurants

Food with a View

More than just a look out point- the View is a delightful restaurant with an extra dollop of character too.

If you wend your way up the winding roads of Botha's Hill, you will find a little gem of a restaurant nestled in the spectacular scenery of the Valley of a Thousand Hills.  The View (given its name for reasons that become obvious on arrival) is a speciality restaurant, dealing primarily in pancakes.  Mmmm.

This is the perfect location for a bite to eat on a lazy Sunday.  Settle in on the deck, and watch the sun bathe the beautiful view which necessitated the owners putting up a sign to clarify that this was not just a mere look out point, but actually a restaurant.  The menu is obviously heavy on the pancakes, offering sweet (R24-R30) and savoury (R45-R50) versions.
They do offer a small selection of non-pancake type food, and the savoury pancake fillings can also be ordered with rice or chips instead of the pancake.  I opted for the Nutty Green Thai Curry with chips for mains and it was absolutely delicious, with plenty of flavourful sauce and tender chicken pieces.  Portions are generous so we had to take a little pause between courses, because obviously it would be wrong to go there without sampling a sweet pancake.  They're so hospitable, I'd hate to hurt their feelings.  Once we'd regrouped, it was time for a little bit of bliss - a Lemon Meringue pancake.  There are no words for how good this was but my taste buds were very very happy.

There is a small playground in the garden below the deck, so this is a great place to bring the kids - surely all kids love pancakes? And the restaurant cat, Montana, may be the friendliest animal I've ever encountered.  Naturally he got a little bit of cream from my hot chocolate for his troubles, and if he'd fitted in my handbag he would have come home with me - instead he spent the afternoon languishing in my lap.  All in all, a winning combination of beautiful scenery, great food and feline cuddles.

You can find The View at 330 Old Main Road, Botha's Hill or phone them on 031 777 1629. Kitchen closes at 15:30 so don't dillydally.



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