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Durban City Bytes : City Bytes / Restaurants


Zack's always gives you the quality and chilled atmosphere its regulars have come to expect and love. Their food is delightful and cocktails orgasmic.

One of the best things about Durban is that it's made for al fresco dining, pretty much all year round.  Even in the dead of winter, you can sling a cardigan on over a sun dress (assuming you're a girl, or a crossdresser) and still be quite comfy sitting outdoors.  And one of the very best places to do this is Zack's on Wilsons Wharf.

Zack's is an institution.  It's been around for ages and the food and service remain great, while prices stay reasonable.  And the cocktails are heaven.  Although it was quite awkward trying to explain to my ten year old niece what an orgasm is after ordering the Mermaid's Orgasm.  I'll leave that one to her parentals.  Situated on the edge of the waterfront, this branch of the Zack's chain offers a gorgeous view over the harbour and yacht mole.

Perfect for brunch, a boozy lunch (just don't order rude sounding cocktails with the kids around) or a languorous dinner.  We headed down there on a typical Durban summer afternoon, when cardigans were definitely not the order of the day and the breeze coming off the water was a welcome reprieve from the sticky heat.  The menu is full of variety, with all day breakfast, light fare and more substantial choices for the hungry. I ordered the nachos, which are a staple on the menu and among the best in Durbs.  They're also huge, and when they say chilli, they absolutely mean it.  But never fear,there's a plain version for for the fainthearted too.  

It seemed like a good idea to have a Zack's Sundae to cool things off - a massive concoction of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, caramel sauce and Oreo cookies.  Three kids couldn't polish one off, so needless to say I didn't even make a dent in mine.  Oh well.

Find out more at www.zacks.co.za



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