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The Ultimate in Relaxation at Crowhurst Spa

The perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day or  ideal for a personal good - old - fashioned pamper session too.

When I bought my sister a package pamper voucher from Crowhurst Spa for Christmas, it was naturally my altruistic side that made me buy one for myself too. I couldn't let her go alone surely?

Crowhurst Spa is no longer based at the Crowhurst Place guest lodge in Everton, but has moved to its own premises in the leafy streets of Hillcrest. Thankfully a friend had told me this and I actually bothered to read the directions on the website, or we would have been really late for our appointment! Set on manicured lawns, the spa oozes charm and tranquillity. This is carried through to the opulent interior with its gemstone colours and rich fabrics. 

We started out our Christmas Pamper Party package (R695pp) with a delicious lunch on the patio overlooking the pool.  In hindsight it may have been better to have lunch after the treatments, since lying on your tummy for a massage when you're stuffed full of roast chicken and mince pies is not the best idea. The treatments included in the package were a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage, a deep cleansing facial and the choice of a manicure or pedicure. 

The massage was without doubt the best I've ever had, even though I had managed to turn my back an alarming shade of tomato red at the beach the day before. It was so good that it was hard to stay awake. The facial provided more of the same relaxation, with potions applied via the gentle touch of the therapist. My skin was left feeling sparkly and new and I revelled in the quiet time lying in the Enya-infused dimness. 

Last up was the caviar pedicure. I presumed the name referred to the luxuriousness of the treatment but it actually labelled the process of soaking my feet in a big bowl of 'caviar' (essential oil laced gel, not fish eggs thank heavens!) for ten minutes before the prettifying began. And oh my what pretty feet I have now.

Find out more at www.crowhurstspa.com



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